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About Us:

The name DarlinRubys was named for for Jorge’s daughter, Ruby. The reason for this was because she represents the new beginnings, fatherhood, and new ideas of passion that we want to bring to our work, our family, and the food we eat.


With a long held passion for what we eat, and legendary dinner parties based on enjoying anything local and in season, we began to relish the idea of preserving the best, local and seasonal products available. We are dedicated to combining our knowledge of fine food and giving people a taste of our local produce adding simply the best international flavors possible.


Not only are we trying for taste, we are trying to make our jars aesthetically pleasing. Art in a jar with vibrant colors and fresh spices. We hope you all enjoy our passion as much as we do, and we appreciate feedback and suggestions.

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address: 200 41st St S. Birmingham, AL 35222

phone: (205) 983-6456

Golden Temple

address: 1901 11th Ave S. Birmingham, AL  35205

phone: (205)-933-6333

Highland Package Store

address: 2228-A Highland Ave. South, Birmingham, AL 35205

phone: (205) 558-4337

Neighborhood Hops & Vine

address: 1109 Dunston Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35213

phone: 205-870-8881

Andys Farmers Market

address: 2489 Rocky Ridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35243

phone: 205-824-0300


In a time before refrigeration, preserving food had been a means to an end to help family and farmers preserve the bounty of their hard earned labor. Capturing their spring and summer harvest and preserving them for the harsh lean winter months was an essential step for survival. Soldiers and sailors depended on it for surviving the long voyage or keeping the soldiers’ stomach full and happy.


With refrigeration, this was no longer a necessity and you can purchase most anything in or out of season from your local mega store. We believe some of the art has been lost. Plenty of rural families have helped keep the tradition of pickled vegetables alive. It is still the best way to eat local.


Our goal at Darlin Rubys is to help revive a piece of the lost art, and we do this by creating flavors from cultures all over the world. Combining spices unique to certain parts of the world with produce that we all share in common, we believe in bringing international flavors to our locally farmed products.


Through the help of our good friend Daniel Briggs of Daniel George restaurant in Birmingham we would like to introduce a few of those items. Please enjoy, and we welcome any critique of our recipes and look forward to reviewing all the comments you provide. We do have a vision, but without y’all, we don’t have a business.


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